We committ ourselves to producing only high quality products with no defect in material and function. For ensuring this and better serving customers, we have warranty below.

1. 7-DAY Free Replacement
Within 7 days from the date you receiving products, we promise to replace defective product with new one of the same model or same price, which depends on stock availability.

2. 1-YEAR Free Repair Service
Within 1 year from the date you receiving the product, we offer free repair service for defects in material or function (3 months for electronic components).

Free repair service DOES NOT cover below cases:
A. Normal wear, including less sharpness, surface scratches, color fading, component loosing off, material aging, etc.
B. Accessories, like sheath, clip or other consumable components of the main products;
C. Improper use or abuse of products, like hacking, chopping, prying, swatting or cutting hard material;
D. Disassemble or DIY by users themselves without authorization;
E. Damage resulting from lack of maintenance or being stored or used in damp environment;
F. Corrosion damage.

3. Limited Lifetime Warranty
Beyond 1 year from the date you receiving the product, SRM would like to offer repair service for our consumers. The service will be free or partly charged according to real repair cost and our discretion.


Email: service@srmknives.com