Part 1, Blade

Cooled Sharpening

The sharpening process ensures that the blade maintains its hardness and performance characteristics, resulting in a sharper, more durable edge.

Laminated Steel (140Cr)

This type of steel is commonly used in applications where high hardness, wear resistance, and strength are required, such as in making blades.

By being laminated with 2 layers of other stainless steels, the blade provides comparable characteristics to S35VN steel, including a balance of hardness, toughness, and edge retention.

Invisible Flipper

Such invisible flipper allows for one-handed smooth deployment while maintaining the knife's compact and streamlined design, providing a comfortable grip and easy carrying.


Part 2, Ambi Lock System

About how we make the axis lock knife smoother in operation, more portable, and also more robust.

Mono Chassis Liner

The structure is made from a single piece of steel, ensuring precise and stable alignment of the two holes through which the axis lock passes.

1) This further enhances the smoothness and reliability of the axis lock.

2) No fearing a closed blade might bite user's finger through the gap between traditional dual separate liners.

3) Patented design.

Ambi Clip

This pocket clip can be removed and installed on the other side of the handle without the need for additional tools.

1) It's safe and professional to keep the to-open-side of a closed knife against the pocket seaming edge, which maximizes the prevention of accidental opening.

2) No risk of stripping screws through repeated disassembly.

3) Patented design.

Anti-Slip Wheel

Anti-slip wheel is a component designed to prevent the slippage of axle pins. It is detachable and, once installed, secures the axle pins without the need for adhesive.

1) Multiple disassemblies are allowed.

2) More clear inside.

3) Patented design.