Cryogenic Treatment

All SRM blades are treated with fine heating process and special cryogenic treatment to be better on edge retention, hardness, toughness and  corrosion resistent. 

Ambi Lock

Precision is the point to achieve a smooth Ambi lock. We have been dedicated to high quality Ambi Lock for many years. We are proud of our Ambi Lock system. 

TFAC: Tool Free Ambi Clip Allow users, without other tools, to quickly change the clip position for either hand preference. It's a patented, proprietary technology.

"Beta Plus" Safety Lock

1) Avoids accidental blade closure;

2) Prevents lockbar overtraveling;

3) Patented, proprietary technology.

Rotatable Belf Clip

Our patented, proprietary technology, which allows users to change knife handle to different directions while carrying it.